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Lautratex is a Dutch manufacturer specialised in the development and production of reusable laundry transport bags, roller container covers, laundry nets, overhead monorail bags and insulation covers.

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About Lautratex

Lautratex is a Dutch manufacturer of reusable laundry bags, roller container covers, laundry nets, overhead rail conveyor bags and insulation covers. Our sustainable bags and covers, produced in the Netherlands, significantly contribute to the reduction of plastic packaging waste. Our customers include (industrial) laundries in over 25 countries. We manufacture our sustainable products with pride. Thanks to our own research, production, sales and logistics, we are a flexible partner that meets the highest quality requirements. Expert advice and a focus on product innovation are just a few of the reasons why Lautratex has been a leader in reusable laundry packaging for 30 years.

Our products

Our products are developed in accordance with the exact demands of the customer. Thanks to our custom solutions, the possibilities are virtually endless. We offer a variety of different tissue qualities, colours, dimensions, closures and embroidered names or logos.

Laundry bags

In addition to our assortment of standard laundry transport bags, we also produce custom bags based on the customer's demands.

Container covers

Container covers guarantee a flawless visual presentation and protect the valuable laundry against dirt and damage.


Laundry nets

Made in the Netherlands using high-tenacity polyester. Custom dimensions, colours and closures are available.

Overhead rail conveyor bags

For the internal transport of clean and dirty laundry. Custom solutions, suitable for any monorail conveyor system.


Our entire production process takes place internally: from raw materials purchases to the weaving of the fabric, confection and the distribution of the final product. In our two production locations in Ootmarsum, our experienced employees work on the development and improvement of fabrics, laundry bags, container covers and other products. All of the power we use is green, sustainable and CO² neutral.




Reusable or disposable?

More and more laundries and their customers are making the switch from plastic to reusable materials. Reusable bags and covers allow for a drastic reduction in plastic waste. After use, the reusable bags and covers are simply washed along with the other laundry. They receive the same washing treatment as the textiles. Our products are easy to use, durable and sustainable.

Recycled polyester

Lautratex is the first manufacturer to produce laundry bags and container covers made of 100% recycled polyester. Our bags and covers made of recycled polyester are an extra-sustainable alternative. The yarns of the fabric are made of 100% post-consumer recycled polyester (PET bottles). This results in CO² and materials savings. On top of all this, the technical properties of the bags and covers made of recycled polyester are completely in line with those of classic polyester products.

Our office:

Lautratex B.V.
Röntgenlaan 15
2719 DX Zoetermeer
Phone: +31 79 361 67 07
Fax: +31 79 361 67 08
Email: info@lautratex.nl

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